What to Wear to a Casino in Winter

Visiting a casino used to an occasion to get dressed up in your finest suit – or even a tuxedo! Times have changed, and these days you will see men sitting at blackjack tables in beach shorts and a t-shirt, or casual jeans and a hoodie. Bring back the a bit of the old days by dressing smart on your next visit – here are some tips on how to dress smart while keeping warm.

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A quality overcoat

A well-made, quality coat can be spotted from a mile away. Make sure you always look good no matter how cold it is by going with the best quality coat you can afford. Look for a durable material, a neutral color, and a good fit. It will take through the whole winter, and few more to come. The Chesterfield is a good option due to their versatility – they can be worn with anything from suits to jeans.

A warm winter knit

A winter knit / jumper is a versatile piece that can look cozy and stylish at the same time. (Although, if you have seen any ‘ugly Christmas sweaters’ then you know that finding the right design is important.) Jumpers are a good layer between a shirt and coat, and will keep you looking smart while playing poker.

Winter trousers

Grey flannel trousers are both smart and warm. A perfect combination in winter if you still want to look smart. Grey is also a very versatile color and will go with most other items in your wardrobe. Another option is a pair of well-made dark wash jeans. Wear it with your Chesterfield coat.

Winter shoes

Good quality footwear is essential in the winter months. It is very difficult to keep warm if your feet are cold. Look for sturdy shoes with a good drip to avoid slipping on wet and icy patches outside the casino.

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