The Different Styles of Women’s Coats and Jackets


  • Anorak: A casual waterproof jacket, usually with a hood.
  • Camel coat: A mid-length, streamlined coat made with the hair from the Bactrian camel.
  • Car Coat: Designed to be worn while driving a car, this coat is short with a square shape.
  • Cocoon Coat: A relaxed-fit coat that sits just above the knee. Does not have a defined waist or shoulders.
  • Duffel coat: The duffel coats gets its name from the material it is made form. Duffel is a coarse, woolen material. They fasten with ‘toggles’ and rope loops and usually come with a hood.
  • Duster Coat: Inspire by the coats worn by horsemen that was meant to protect their clothes from trail dust, the Duster coat is light and loose-fitting.
  • Chesterfield: This coat is long and tailored. It is traditionally tailored and heavy weight.
  • Parka: A casually, relaxed coat perfect for the weekend. Parkas sit mid-thigh and generally have a hood.
  • Peacoat: A lightweight, short, double-breasted overcoat that is suitable for fall. This design was originally worn by sailors.
  • Raincoat: The raincoat is long and water resistant. It can come with or without a hood.
  • Trench Coat: Originally designed for soldiers, this coat is lightweight and waterproof. It is traditionally designed to be shin-length, though modern styles have shorter lengths also.


  • Blazer: While it looks like a suit jacket, this tailored piece is not worn as part of a suit.
  • Bolero: Inspired by those worn by matadors, this jacket is tailored, has a short waist, and no buttons.
  • Bomber: This short jacket ends at the waist, normally with an elasticated waistband.
  • Down jacket: A quilted, slightly puffy jacket designed for cold weather.
  • Biker jacket: These jackets are warm, and add an edgy look to the outfit. Made from either leather of pleather, it ends at the waist and has zips and studs.

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