Summer Swimsuit Selection

Summer is a time for swimming and sunning, but the process of choosing the right swimsuit can be enough to have you wishing for winter. It’s a fact – different body shapes suit different swimsuit types. This guide will help you pick the right type for you so you when you hit the stores you know exactly what you are looking for.

Pear Shape

If you’re curvy on the bottom and small on top, then they key is balancing your proportions and getting the right coverage for your bottom half.

Avoid boy-short styles or bikini bottoms with a thick band. A full swimsuit with a plunging neckline will draw the eyes upward.

Large bust

Getting the right support is the first step when choosing the perfect swimsuit for women with a large bust. Underwire tops with adjustable, wide straps provide good support. If you want to reduce the focus on your chest, avoid ruffles or embellishments. (If you want to bring attention to your top, then of course bring on all the ruffles you want – don’t feel the need to hide if you don’t want to!) Molded cups and higher backs will also provide a little more support.

Small bust

As smaller busts require less support, you can get away with smaller tops. If you want to create the illusion of more curves, go with a triangle-shaped bikini top or tops with ruffles and embellishments. A halter top or padded top will provide a little more cleavage. And bandeau-style tops are perfect for those with a smaller top.


A curvy shapes has full hips, thigs, bust, and butt. Look for a swimsuit that will provide enough support and coverage, while highlighting your curves. If you want to draw attention away from your curves, avoid string bikinis and monokinis. Color blocking and retro swimsuits will highlight your shape.

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