Looking Sleek and Stylish in Winter

Trying to dress well in winter often seems like a ‘Catch 22’. You want to put on the layers so you can be warm, but you also want to look sleek and stylish rather than bulky. There is a way to wear layers without ending up looking like a snowman! Here are some tips from top stylists on how to look sleek and stylish in winter.

Back to Basics

Start with getting your basics right. It is worth investing in quality ‘staples’ that you can mix and match throughout the season. Spending a bit upfront means that those items will still look great after a couple months of wear. Examples of good winter staples are an oversized cashmere sweater, a chambray shirt, and a classic shift dress. A good quality shift dress is essential for any season, as it is flattering for all body shapes and can be dressed up or down.

Mix and Match

Mix different fabrics and textures as you layer up. Start with a silk blouse, then add the oversized cashmere sweater. The different layers will keep you warm without the bulk, and add interest to your wardrobe.

Over and Outerwear

Finish off your outfit with a good quality coat, boots, and a cozy scarf. A good quality coat is something that can last for many years, and even be handed down to the next generation if it is well looked after. When trying it on, wear the types of clothes you would normally wear with it, to make sure you are getting the right size. Having a coat that is a little too tight can get very uncomfortable.

For a casual look, or if need something practical for the commute to the office, go with a pair of good quality wellington boots. They will keep the bottom of your pants/legs and feet warm and dry.

Finish off your outfit with a stylish but cozy scarf. A chunky knit adds an interesting element to your outfit, while keeping your neck and shoulders warm.

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